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“In 2016, We lost our clients 72% in their body fat, increased their strength and continued to try to make fitness and health a long term habit…” -Founder, EP Fitness

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Train anywhere 24/7 anywhere in the world


Follow your workouts on a simple, easy to use App

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Skype check ins, accountability, and structure.

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Corporate individual or team competitions that will increase your ROI.


Work with our meal plans or work with us to tweak your current nutrition.


Easy integration that allows you to upload your daily activity straight to your trainers dashboard.

My Fitness Pal

Easy integration that allows you to upload your daily nutritional intake straight to your trainers dashboard.

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  • "After many false starts I can truly say Angus and EP Fitness are for me. From the beginning Angus was upfront and professional and unlike any other fitness class or trainer I look forward to each session.".

    Robert McCullough Google Reviews
  • "I completed a 60 day online Fitness Challenge with Angus of EP Fitness. The program was tailored to my needs, as well as the equipment I had access to, and I found it very well balanced. Angus was an amazing trainer who would keep me motivated while checking in regularly, without being overbearing. Between the meal plans and workouts, the program was easy enough to keep up with, even with a fairly busy life. For me, one of the best parts of the training was the accompanying EP Fitness App, which keeps track of everything in a user friendly way. I would train with Angus again in a heartbeat. ".

    Michael Yen Google Reviews
  • "Angus and his team at EP Fitness have given me the best personal training experience I have ever had. I have a very busy schedule, which Angus is always happy to work around. His team is results-oriented, and it shows. I am extremely happy with my fitness level and have shown solid gains from when I started to today. I look forward to improving, which it seems I do every month without fail at EP.".

    Christopher Coe Google Review
  • "After almost a year of embarking on a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to increase my strength training and continue to work towards my overall fitness goals. I had been referred to EP Fitness by a friend and it was exactly what I was looking for. Aj and Angus maximize the time you spend together, there is no rest for the motivated. This translates into a full 45 minute session of focused training, focused on your goals. Outside the session, the team keeps you account to your diet and communicates directly to your inbox. Much appreciated for the thought, dedication, and support for my goals."

    Daniel Retzlaff Yelp Review
  • " I trained with Angus, before going to Asia for 4 months, 3x per week. We incorporated a lot of sport specific exercises for surfing and it made a huge difference. I also dropped 6% body fat which was a nice bonus. Now I need to get back training again. :)"

    Paul Ruescher Google Review

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